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Transition Presets, Sound FX is a remarkable superior seasoned mission created via way of means of distinguished writer – replayer, who reap 622 general income and five scores till the present.

From March 2018, gaining 1 objects in portfolio, five badges and 30 followers, “replayer” time and again cheer us with implementing superior seasoned projects.

Transition Presets, Sound FX is an detail mission best dignified for transition videos. gfxdownload crew need to ratify that down load archive package deal for this mission consists of all wished files: Demo Videos, Images, Tutorials, Elements and so on.

In the previous few days, writer stated that “Transition Presets, Sound FX” is one of the finest superior seasoned mission they even launched at the marketplace. Merely, thoroughgoing paintings is the important thing to triumph.

Amazing, how approximately reviews? Well, this mission has five reviews. For example, remaining overview changed into composed via way of means of “zaglist” who gave five supermegacelebrity score and purpose changed into for “Technical Quality”. This mission clearly justify five stars, appealing and listen paintings.

Project has subsequent marvellous resolution: Resizable and complete length of the archive is 370MB, down load velocity could be too fast.

Transition Presets, Sound FX Details

What’s new in the latest update?
Update for MacOS users (6.6.0), who owns machines with M1 processors. If you get “Lib init failed” error – simply update to the latest version.
The best Premiere Pro transitions bundled with THE PLUGIN
We were the first one on Videohive who combined Premiere Pro transitions with the plugin.
Easy & fast installation (less than a minute)
No need to resave project files before the import
No need to disable layers before applying transitions!
Auto-resize to any resolution / aspect ratio
How to apply transitions?
Well, you can apply transitions in a single click! No more re-saving project files, turning off layers etc.
Please note: project works in Premiere Pro CC 2020 and above.
Luma Fade Transitions
110+ Zoom Transitions
90+ Glitch Transitions
150+ Flat Transitions
70+ Spin Transitions
45+ Warp and Panoramic Transitions
70+ Split and Stripes Transitions
70+ Glass Transitions
And 110+ Other Transitions
80+ Text Transition Presets
100+ Color Presets
Project Features:
Awesome plugin included with the project
Works with any FPS
Works with any resolution
100% Premiere Pro (No After Effects needed)
Easy to use even if you are a beginner
User-friendly project structure
Fast previews right inside Premiere Pro
Various transition speed
Sound FX included
Prompt technical support
System Requirements:
Premiere Pro CC 2020 14.0 or higher
GPU acceleration (Cuda or OpenCL)
Please note, that some effects are not supported by Radeon GPU (OpenCL), such as VR Glitch for example.
So just switch to Metal in your GPU acceleration settings to fix this.
Music is not included: Track 1,
Track 2
Images are not included. Source: Unsplash, Reshot
Videos are not included. Links
Feel free to email me if you’re wondering about music used in the promo video
Please, rate my project if you like it!
Thank you
Version History
version 6.5.8 – 16 August, 2021
Fix for MacOS users with M1 processors.
version 6.5.3 – 22 June, 2020
Stability improvements and minor fixes.
version 6.5.2 – 3 June, 2020
Duration control improvements.
version 6.5 – 20 May, 2020
Added new awesome feature of adjusting transitions duration.
version 6 – 05 May, 2020
We’ve added the plugin!
version 5.1 – 15 July, 2019
Added new luma fade transitions
version 5.0.2 – 25 February, 2019
Added new resolution “Instagram Ads – 1080×1350”
version 5.0.1 – 23 February, 2019
Resolution has been fixed in “4K Flat – 3996×2160” project file
version 5.0 – 26 January, 2019
+ 100+ color presets added
+ “Anchor zoom” category added
+ New tutorial video
version 4.5.1 – 13 November, 2018
Small fixies in additional resolution project files
version 4.5 – 22 October, 2018
Added 70+ new transitions:
+ Broken glass
+ Broken glass – RGB-split
+ Sliding Glass Diagonal 1
+ Sliding Glass Diagonal 2
+ Sliding Glass Horizontal
+ Sliding Glass Vertical
+ 6K – 6144×2592 is now available
version 4.4 – 10 October, 2018
+ Added 50+ new transitions:
+ Split – 3 Lines
+ Stripes – Diagonal V1 & V2
+ Stripes – Horizontal
+ Stripes – Vertical
version 4.3 – 3 October, 2018
+ Fixed “The importer reported a generic error” on MacOS
version 4.2 – 27 September, 2018
+ Added 50+ new transitions: Light Leaks (v2), Warp Light Leaks, Panoramic Light Leaks, Flat Light Leaks
version 4.1 – 3 September, 2018
+ Added 80+ Text Transition Presets
+ Added help file about applying text presets
version 4.0 – 14 August, 2018
+ 400+ new transitions
+ 8 new ready-to-use resolutions
+ Added full resizeability
version 3.2 – 30 June, 2018
Added presets for 2704×1520 (GoPro)
version 3.1 – 28 June, 2018
Added presets for vertical videos
version 3.0 – 26 June, 2018
+ Transitions updated to drag-n-drop presets
+ 2 new transition categories: Panoramic RGB-split, Light Leaks
+ New tutorial video
version 2.5 – 15 June, 2018
+140 Sound FX
version 2.0 – 18 May, 2018
New Tutorial: How to make transition copies
version 1.8 – 11 May, 2018
+ fixed Camera Transitions on MacOS
+ added transition resizing instructions
+ updated html-preview gallery
version 1.7 – 3 May, 2018
+New Transition Category: Camera, + new sound FX
version 1.5 – 30 april, 2018
+3 New Transition Categories: Blur, Stretch, Panoramic
version 1.0 – 25 april, 2018
Initial release

Transition Presets, Sound FX Video

Transition Presets, Sound FX 21797912
Size: 494.49 MB


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